US healthcare provider LEHB hit by ransomware attack, network compromised

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Law Enforcement Health Benefits (LEHB), a health and wellness fund for Philadelphia police, sheriffs and county detectives, revealed that the company was hit by a ransomware attack in 2021.” The Conti ransomware group has been responsible for many of these incidents, successfully attacking at least 16 US healthcare organizations and first responder networks during the year – as well as the Health Service Executive and the Department of Health Ireland,” writes The Daily Swig.

According to LEHB, the attackers began encrypting files stored on the company’s network on September 14, 2021. An investigation into the issue revealed that on Friday the 25th, “few affected files” containing member data could have been excluded from the network by threat actors. Suspicious access to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) breach portal suggests that more than 85,000 LEHB users may have been affected by the incident. Compromised data includes names, DoBs, social security numbers, driver’s license information, bank account numbers, and health information.

However, not all LEHB members were affected, nor were the data elements mentioned above the same for all members. LEHB denies any cases of identity theft or abuse of data compromised by the ransomware. However, the incident impacted members and offered credit monitoring services to those whose social security numbers might have been used. The health plan provider suggests its members set up “fraud alerts” and security freezes on credit files, and request a free credit report.

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