The big “scooper” can use Tahoe to fight the Tamarack fire; The damaged structure map is published


SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif .– A Super Scooper has been called in to help fight the Tamarack Fire which has spread to 69,152 acres and remains 4% contained, entirely along the Northwest Flank near Woodfords.

The Super Scooper plane can carry up to 1,600 gallons of water and was due to arrive in South Lake Tahoe on Friday, officials said. Its high speed and water accumulation in 12 seconds should go a long way in fighting the fire.

Officials said Lake Tahoe would be used by the plane to collect water.

The Super Scooper is an amphibious aircraft used to help extinguish forest fires. Its scooping capacity will allow less time to be spent traveling to receive water at the water “filling stations” and allow the aircraft to obtain water from closer locations, including the Lake Topaz, officials said.

It comes as Alpine County, working with Cal Fire, released a structural damage report and an interactive map for residents to check on the condition of their structures.

Eight homes were destroyed, according to the map, including five near Shay Creek Road, two off Pleasant Valley Road, and one south of Airport Road.

A commercial structure was also destroyed in the Shay Creek neighborhood.

Half a dozen utility structures were lost in the blaze as it raged through central Eastern Alpine County. Three of them were located near Indian Creek Reservoir and three more at Turtle Rock Park.

The site is located at and crews will continually update it.

Residents can put their addresses on the site and find out the status of their home if it has been included.

On Friday, residents of the Alps were escorted to their homes to collect personal items.

Firefighters continued to hold the fire on the south side of California State Route 88 and prevented it from burning the mountain toward Lake Tahoe. The highway remains closed from the Nevada state border to Picketts Junction.

The blaze has spread to more than 69,000 acres and officials reported on Friday that the active fire began to occur near the east side of US Highway 395, near Holbrook Junction, resulting in one more blaze. 2,500 acres at 4 pm later in the day due to difficult weather conditions and dry fuel.

The jump allowed 1,369 people in the corridor of Highway 395 to receive evacuation notices. This brought the total number of evacuees to 2,439.

The Alpine County Sheriff’s Office has ordered mandatory California Highway 4 evacuations from the California Highway 89 junction at Ebbetts Pass.

While residents of South Lake Tahoe do not yet have to worry about the fire hitting the basin, the smoky skies on Friday brought unhealthy air quality across the region, according to IQAir.

The Reno National Weather Service is forecasting hazy skies due to smoke from forest fires north and south of Lake Tahoe.

The service also forecasts possible thunderstorms from Monday and throughout the week.

For more information on the fire, call 775-434-8629 or email [email protected].

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