Six years in prison for man who broke woman’s eardrum


Despite admitting to severely beating his girlfriend, a California man tried to downplay the encounter during his sentencing on Monday.

Robert Francis Carr, 33, was sentenced to a maximum sentence of 28 to 72 months in prison for domestic assault causing substantial bodily harm.

Carr presented himself as someone who has changed since his arrest on August 8, 2021, for dragging the woman into the bathroom and beating her.

But while describing the incident to District Judge Tod Young, he continually ignored what the woman said in her statement to Grass Valley police.

Young disagreed.

“It’s clear to me that your version isn’t true,” Young said. “She didn’t cause this. It’s your violent problem. No words should make you strangle someone so they can’t breathe or break someone’s eardrum.

Young said he returned to Carr’s arraignment transcript. Carr admitted the charge, including details of the attack.

The judge said he heard the woman say that Carr is “still going to the throat.”

“You are a controlling and violent man and you have a long history of violence against people of the opposite sex.”

Carr’s criminal record in California was so lengthy that it took the first 45 minutes of the hearing to sort it out.

District Attorney Matt Johnson and attorney Justin Clouser settled nine felonies and 15 misdemeanors.

Carr was on probation for a felony domestic battery when the incident happened at a Stateline hotel.

The couple and Carr’s daughter traveled to Tahoe. Carr told the judge the woman said something to him that made him angry, but denied hitting his head on a sink, which he literally admitted to when he pleaded guilty.

He also denied suffocating her, although marks on her neck showed someone had tried to strangle her.

To complicate matters, they returned to Grass Valley and it wasn’t until two days later that she woke up with blood on her pillow from a ruptured eardrum.

She sought treatment and was questioned by a hospital officer. Charges were forwarded to Douglas County where the attack took place.

Carr initially denied the charges, but decided to plead guilty two days before the trial began.

He was returned to sheriff’s custody after Monday’s hearing.


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