Ricardinho charges the FPF and calls Paysandu on alert


Paysandu had an extraordinary match and the result was against Castanhal, last Sunday (6), for the eighth and final round of the Campeonato Paraense qualification phase. The duo, previously unbeaten and boasting the best defense in the competition with two goals scored, left the pitch ransacked with a ratio of 4-0. Midfielder Riccardinho delivered blows to the FPF for “the muddy grass”.

– Paysandu asks FPF not to play Modelão anymore

– The Modelão stadium will undergo a technical review after the mud in Castanhal and Paysandu

“An impractical herb. There was no football match. Unfortunately, it is not understood how the Federation authorizes a game on this ground, where the leg sinks and the mud rises in the middle of the leg. Not just for football practice, but to keep the athlete. Thank God he didn’t suffer any injuries, neither for our team nor for Castenhaal. But it’s something he has to think about. “Let’s wait for an athlete to get injured, he needs to act and act, to be able to act and there is no play? , so, really, to play in this state is a shame. Castanhal was superior and knew how to play in these conditions and took risks. They deserved to win. »

| (Photo: John Wesley/Paysandu)

Paysandu arrived at the game guaranteed first place in the first group, as well as the overall lead for the first leg and used a reserve team, except for goalkeeper Elias Kurzel. The flexible result brought some warnings to the club, coaching staff, players and fans. Riccardinho said he forgot what happened and called an alert in Korotho.

– Técnico sees lessons in beating Paysandu and criticizes Modelão. grass

– Look at the classifieds and deposits of Campeonato Paraense

– A side of Paysandu explodes Modelão. Park

Our purpose is to forget what happened against Castanhal. This does not represent the essence of what our team is. It’s not like a teacher or forcing us to do better football there. Really, it’s hard to ship something and our team did their best. We were able to do what was on our terms. We didn’t get a good result. The lesson is this alert. It happened when it was possible, because we qualified for three rounds. We lost when we could, and now we activate the alert for the competition sequence, because if similar situations arise, we must force ourselves and play what the game asks. It was a learning experience.


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