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Jefferson County Sheriff

Old enough to know better: MPs responding to a minor traffic accident had to administer Narcan on Sunday to an Irondale man in his 50s who was a passenger in the vehicle. The man, who a family member said had consumed “at least a dozen 12-ounce beers but maybe more because he had opened another box,” came out to check the damage and lost his footing, falling in the grass alongside the road. He was unable to answer questions appropriately and his responses became slower and less comprehensible, and he was extremely clammy and pale with pinpoint pupils that did not react to light and he lost motor functions. Believing he was suffering from an opioid overdose, deputies administered Narcan while waiting for the ambulance and his symptoms reversed. He denied using drugs.

Gramma has had enough: Deputies responded to a disturbance at a residence in Island Creek Township on Sunday after a man in his 40s raised his hand to his grandmother, who was upset that all either “sitting all day and not helping her clean up or do chores.” The argument started when grandma told him he was lazy and continued to the point that he “raised his hand in a threatening manner”, the police have been notified. Both his mother and grandmother said he had never been physically abusive in the past and that the incident did not turn physical. The man told deputies he was not feeling well, “which contributed to his irritability.” Deputies told him that was no excuse and warned him of the consequences if it happened again. He apologized to Grandma, agreed to do more around the house and be more respectful to the two women.

Sad state: A Jefferson County woman who allowed a friend to stay with her after she was released from rehab told deputies he had started drinking again and was due home on Saturday. She said she picked him up from rehab about two weeks ago and he “almost immediately started drinking again.” She said she tried to get him sober but failed. Deputies told her they couldn’t force him back into rehab, and she told them the man needed to get help or leave his house. The man initially refused to seek treatment, “although he seems to believe he needed the treatment.” The deputies told him that he couldn’t stay at his friend’s house if he continued to drink and that he had to call someone to pick him up, but he told them “He had nowhere to go.” He eventually agreed to be transported to Trinity Medical Center West for treatment.

Stolen: An Island Creek Township resident told deputies on Friday that someone broke into his home while he was away, stealing more than $3,800 in cash he had kept in a safe, the one of his wife’s necklaces and two Xbox game consoles. Entry was gained by pushing a window air conditioner into a bedroom. The thief also smashed the rear windshield of one of his vehicles. A full inventory of the missing items has not been completed, MPs said.

Steubenville Police

Walk away: A woman who had been taken to Trinity Medical Center West for a medical problem and warned of the consequences of leaving the premises on Sunday morning made an ill-advised bid for freedom 45 minutes later. Misty Klepack, 39, 3744 Main St., Weirton, was found hiding in bushes in a wooded area near the Carriage Inn. She was returned to prison and an additional escape charge was filed against her. Later that afternoon, police were informed that Klepak had jumped over the railing of the prison stairs, landing one floor below. She was transported to Trinity Medical Center West and then airlifted to a hospital in Pittsburgh.

Blowdown: A woman released from prison on Sunday discovered that a safe containing $700 in cash and 27 bottles of liquid methadone, 17 of which were unopened, along with various payment cards were stolen from her home while she was incarcerated.

Recorded: Myron Gibson, 40, 49547 Cherry Valley Road, Cadiz, two warrants for non-appearance in Toronto County Court. Gibson was also cited for driving under suspension following a traffic stop at South Labelle Court; Jason L. Jones, 37, no fixed address, probation violation, Sunday; Ralph Manna, 56, 732 N. Sixth St., Steubenville, disorderly conduct, Saturday; Nathan Young, 45, Fairborn, Ohio, criminal trespassing and non-appearance warrant, Saturday.

Near miss: A Garrett Avenue resident told police the driver of a newer black Jeep got off Garrett from Linden Avenue and “voluntarily rolled over his cat”, Sunday. She said she was trying to get her cat across the street when the car sped by. She told police she saw no open wounds on the feline, which she said decided to hide in her basement.

Disorder: Two people were “scream and swear” against each other in the 300 block of Woodlawn Road on Sunday because a woman was convinced the man had his car key and would not return it. The man asked the police to search him, so the police checked his pockets and couldn’t find him. She told them that she thought he hid the keys in her mother’s house, but when she looked for it, she couldn’t find it there. She then contacted her brother, the owner of the car, who came to drive her home. She told police she was concerned the man might vandalize the vehicle, so an officer used his body camera to document the current condition of the vehicle. His brother also told police he didn’t want the man driving his car. Already.

Served: Tara M. Woodburn, 36, 3518 Orchard St., Weirton, received a warrant for her arrest on Friday after she was arrested for allegedly trying to leave Family Dollar without paying for $30 worth of goods.

Quoted: Zachary L. Taylor, 33, 1422 Hukill St., Brilliant, assured clear distance ahead and DUS; Kamie J. Mitchell, 25, 766 Lincoln Blvd., Steubenville, speeding and no driver’s license; Quarnailla K. Gee, 25, 106 Findley St., Toronto, no license light;

Vandalized: A Pennsylvania Avenue woman said she discovered her vehicle’s windshield was smashed on Friday.

Amsterdam Police

Booked: Marla Hanson, 47, 351 N. Main St., Amsterdam, domestic violence, Saturday.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Booked: Scott Yoders, 59, Washington, Pa., failure to appear, DUS and OVI, Saturday.

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