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Three new emergency satellite call booths were installed in the South Yuba River Canyon at Maybert Road, Highway 49 and Edwards River Crossings, adding to the emergency communications network initiated with the call booth installed at Purdon Crossing in 2018. ‘Edwards Crossing was already being used to quickly summon help for an injured hiker earlier this month. The boxes, powered by solar panels, connect callers to 9-1-1 and help speed the response of firefighters, paramedics and other emergency responders. This can save lives in the river canyon where cell phone service is virtually non-existent, especially when the river is packed with 1,500 visitors on hot summer days. The three new satellite call boxes cost $30,000 and were funded by PG&E settlement money from the 2017 Lobo fire…

This is one of the new satellite call boxes installed at the South Yuba River crossings in Nevada County. Phone booths run on the Iridium Everywhere system and are solar powered. This call box at the Highway 49 bridge was vandalized just days after it was installed.
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So who would sabotage them? “Phone booths are an asset, but obviously they can’t work if they’re vandalized,” says Paul Cummings, program manager for NevCo’s Office of Emergency Services. “Sometimes it’s the theft of equipment like solar panels, and sometimes it’s just the brutal destruction of the call box. Phone booths save lives in emergencies, and our community must respect and protect them. Paul urges anyone who sees someone tampering with a phone booth to call the sheriff’s office at 530-265-1471…

When a hiker was injured in the South Yuba River Canyon two weeks ago, a solar-powered satellite call box at Edwards Crossing was used to quickly summon emergency help.
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Free tomato plants. Steve and Susie Walker again deliver a cherry and a large tomato plant to anyone who calls Steve at 510-910-0457. The couple purchases the plants from the FFA club at Nevada Union High School. “We like delivering them because we get to spend some time chatting with people we haven’t seen in a while,” says Susie. “Some are so grateful you might think we’re giving them a winning lottery ticket! Steve and Susie are real estate agents who recently won a RE/MAX Star Service Award, in part because they host an annual golf tournament at Lac des Pins that benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation and children premises with serious illnesses. This year’s tournament is scheduled for June 26…

Susie and Steve Walker, who organize an annual tomato plant giveaway, won a RE/MAX Star Service award. The couple hold an annual golf tournament to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation and area children with serious illnesses.
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“The best part of being an officer it’s knowing that I’ve helped people,” says retired CHP officer Mike Steele, who has held various positions with the CHP since graduating from the academy in 2005. He joined the CHP force at GeeVee in 2010 and was promoted to Public Information Officer in 2018. “I have met most people in the worst days of their lives. Some on the last day of their life,” says Mike. “Some I saved medically, some I couldn’t save, some I made worse and some I made better by fixing their car, getting them to a safe place , etc.” One such incident involved a young woman who crashed her car near Camptonville. “She was upset to miss her job interview at a Nevada City winery,” Mike recalled. “I called the winery and asked if I had brought her in late, could she still interview? The owner said yes, and when we arrived she passed the interview and got the job. … »

California Highway Patrol Officer Mike Steele shows off the gifts he and his wife Tracy received at his retirement party. Steele said: “I never really knew how many people’s lives I had touched until my surprise party. It’s a feeling I’ll keep forever. »
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The 17th Annual Health/Safety and Fire Preparedness Carnival is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on May 7 at the Rood Government Center, where families can meet and learn about local first responders. “Smokey Bear, McGruff and other safety mascots will pose for photos with kids, and there will be a bouncy house, bike rodeo, giant slide and barbecue lunch,” says organizer Al Schafer. “Children’s Bingo winners will receive new bikes. Our goal is to make children and parents feel comfortable when and if emergency services are needed. Child identification portfolios will be prepared for use by each family in the event of an emergency. It’s all free and the event is sponsored by Gold Country Kiwanis…

An impressive array of first responder equipment will be on display at the 17th Annual Health/Safety and Fire Preparedness Carnival on May 7 at the Eric Rood Administration Center.
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Immerse yourself in the history of NevCo with the 2022 edition of “Exploring Nevada County”. The eBook contains over 200 historic NevCo landmarks and photos, each linked to a Google map. It also contains hyperlinks to Wikipedia, newspaper articles and other sources offering more detailed information on the historical significance of each landmark. Proceeds from e-book sales, $7.99 at Apple Books and Amazon, support the Nevada County Historic Landmarks Commission. The book was originally compiled by local historian David Comstock, then updated by Monuments Commission Chairman Bernard Zimmerman…

Nevada County Historic Landmarks Commission Chairman Bernie Zimmerman has updated this eBook on local historic landmarks. Proceeds from the sale of the “Exploring Nevada County” eBook benefit the Historic Landmarks Commission.
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Renowned local artist Mim Meakin exhibiting her work in a special exhibition at the Sutton Way Flour Garden until May 24th. “The exhibition I presented there last year focused on local historical scenes,” says Mim. “This show I call ‘Spring Forth’ and it has watercolor flowers in it.” The paintings sold will be replaced by others from Mim’s collection. She has been painting for 77 years, so Mim has no shortage of works of art to exhibit…

Local artist Mim Meakin, who has been painting for 77 years, is displaying her work in a special exhibition at the Sutton Way Flour Garden until May 24.
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How about art on Easter Sunday? GeeVee artist and gallery curator Joshua Nathan will host a free event he calls a “Community Art Bazaar” from 4-9 p.m. tomorrow. There will be over 15 local craft vendors, a Mountain Lotus Provisions food truck, live music, dancers and you can watch a dozen painters create their artwork at Joshua Gallery 12527 Loma Rica Drive . “The last event we hosted was such a positive experience,” says Joshua. “We seek to support local artists and create a container that allows our community to connect with each other and have fun…”

Grass Valley artist Joshua Nathan will host a free community art bazaar from 4-9 p.m. on Easter Sunday at his Loma Rica Warehouse District gallery at 12527 Loma Rica Drive.
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By the Numbers: Grass Valley Sports Club — the oldest sports club west of the Mississippi, not to be confused with other local sports clubs — will have Lions Lake stocked and ready for the Kids Trout Derby on April 23. (Call Kevin Morgan at 530-265-8397, 5-9 p.m. for more info.) The club purchased 500 pounds of 1 1/2-pound catchable trout from Mt. Lassen Trout Farm, and the Department of California Fish and Wildlife donated an additional 800 pounds of similar catchables from the American River Hatchery. The Union Home and Garden Show is also at the fairgrounds that weekend; ask your kids to show their fishing rods when they enter the NevCo fairgrounds so the parking lot staff know your family is there for the free fishing and the prizes…

“Expect the world to treat you fairly because you’re a good person, it’s kind of like expecting the bull not to attack you because you’re a vegetarian. – Dennis Wholey (1939- ), American television host, producer and author…

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