Larson Family Winery’s Limerick Annual Competition


The annual Limerick St. Patrick’s Day competition is underway at Larson Family Winery. Despite the recent fire, they are carrying on the tradition, with entries from all over the country.

Attendees spoke poetically of Larson or Sonoma County in their limericks. Winners will receive a $150 Larson Family Winery gift card to be used online at the winery’s online store

Here are some of the winning entries:

Larson Family Winery Category:

We ventured to Larson for taxis,

And frolic with three beautiful Labs.

OMG, such a great wine!

TLC was divine!

And for free (Ollie ate all our tabs)!

Leslie McGee, Grass Valley

Sonoma Category:

Sonoma’s great vineyards shine.

The grapes grown here are always divine.

The visit is a ball

tasting of all the wines –

Three Lab Cab is one of my favorites!

Joan Salzman, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Other favourites:

Three dogs of the species named lab

Got together to make a super taxi

Everyone thought it was happy

That Louie, Rosko and Ollie

Were making a wine that’s fabulous

Alan Wyman, White Bear Township, Minnesota


There’s an old gentleman named Bob,

Who peddles good wine for a job.

So if you start running dry,

And you feel like you can die.

Call Bob, it’s his job, don’t sob!

Clifford Tumambing, Hogansville


My wife bought me Sonoma wine

Uncork a bottle at dinner time

We drank first

Before quenching our thirst

It was nothing less than divine

Elliot Cole, Las Vegas, Nevada


A winery owner we know

Said he quit the biz (i.e., vino)

It’s not that he cares

Tending the vines;

He’s just tired of working for pinot

Arthur O’Dwyer, Irvington, New York


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