Jackson man threatens to burn down house by brandishing bat


Jackson police have announced the arrest of a township resident who allegedly threatened to burn down a house while holding a baseball bat in his arms.

Five officers responded to a Chatham Court house in Jackson 21 Gardens on Monday at around 1:49 a.m. after learning that a man with a baseball bat was threatening his neighbors.

He went further by grabbing a bah bean chair from a neighbor’s porch – the one on the phone calling 911 – and then setting it on fire on the grass outside and within the compound.

As the police began arriving at the scene, a police officer extinguished the fire with a fire extinguisher from his vehicle.

Through their on-site investigation, police learned from the victims that the man tried to enter a house through a sliding door and was unsuccessfully standing outside with a baseball bat yelling at them , then threatened to burn the building down. in his turn, he took the bean bag chair and set it on fire.

Police said they tried to contact the man, but he refused to cooperate and open the door.

At that time, as a precaution for everyone’s safety after the man set the chair on fire, the police evacuated neighboring units and forced entry to his apartment.

Jonathan Burgos, 30, was later arrested after a brief scuffle.

After treatment, he was taken to a local hospital for treatment and evaluation.

Burgos is charged with attempted burglary, arson, illegal possession of a weapon, obstruction and terrorist threats overseen by Jackson Police Detective Derek Thomason who coordinated the charges with the DA’s office of Ocean County.

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