‘It puts us on the world map’: Eldridge playing this week for ISC Men’s Fastpitch Tournament | Business and Economy


“We like to go where we know we’re going to be treated well,” Fisher said. “They’re going to do whatever we need to do. “

While the event was most recently held at the Green Valley Sport Complex in Moline in 2016, it was moved to Eldridge because Iowa has less stringent COVID-19 regulations than Illinois.

Yet the Quad-Cities met the needs of the ISC in a matter of months, which included implementing new lighting, modifying canoes and fences, building dashboards and other projects. of construction.

According to Lynn Hunt, ISC’s vice president of business growth and services, the abundant help of local volunteers and the “grassroots” of the community adds to the attractiveness of Quad-Cities.

“They’re all small independent businesses, and we love that and we love that hometown feel,” Hunt said.

For example, Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Kitchen, just down the road from the fields, had only seen income increase by a few hundred dollars by midweek. However, while they didn’t see an exceptional increase in revenue, they still donated $ 100 in gift cards to support the tournament.

While Eldridge has impressed this year, the 2022 tournament returns to Moline, which is scheduled to take place at the Green Valley Sports Complex.

Dave Herrell, President and CEO of Visit Quad Cities, said he’s excited to see what the next tournament brings to the Quad-Cities.

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