Idaho man sets fire to his house after emotional breakdown


I’ll be the first to admit that burning down something that reminds you of an ex after a bad breakup is sort of therapeutic. Of course, this applies to pictures, letters, even clothes… but certainly not the whole house! A man from Idaho Falls must not have this memo.

Eli Lewis, 42, was arrested and recently charged with first degree arson after the mobile home he lived in with his ex-girlfriend caught fire on September 18. No one was inside when police and first responders arrived at the scene, but they were able to locate Lewis in a nearby park, according to

When they brought Lewis back to the scene, his ex-girlfriend and other family members were also there. Lewis reportedly started shouting, “I did it, the house was ugly, I made it beautiful, that’s right,” according to court documents. At this point, it was clear to the police that this act had been committed during a recent breakup. had no choice after this explosion but to take Lewis to Bonneville County Jail and book him for arson.

A press release from the Idaho Falls Police Department says investigators found two bottles of lighter fluid, a small propane tank, a 5-gallon propane tank, charcoal and other evidence indicating that someone intentionally started the fire inside the house during the inspection.

Lewis could face up to 25 years in prison and / or pay a $ 100,000 fine with restitution if he is ultimately convicted of arson.

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