Hits & Misses: A HIT for Nevada County’s Green Waste Disposal Program


EEach week we will review the sublime, trivial and profound issues, decisions and events that strike us as successes or failures. you can also enter by emailing your Hits & Misses to [email protected]

HIT (from reader Katherine Griffin): To Nevada County for offering free green waste disposal this month as part of the storm cleanup. Unfortunately, getting green waste to the disposal site can be a problem for seniors and those who don’t have trucks or trailers, so kudos to the many residents of the Cascade Shores neighborhood who donated their time, energy, chippers and vehicles to pick up and deliver their neighbor’s green. trash last weekend. Thank you for the great effort and community spirit!

HIT (from reader Jon Hartley Fox): To Charlie’s Café is reopening after being closed for two years due to COVID. The owner of the downtown breakfast institution on South Auburn Street has even done a few renovations — new tables, rugs, bathrooms, and more. – during closing. It’s a real leap of faith to put money into a closed business without knowing when or even if it might reopen. Stop by for a delicious cookie and celebrate the reopening.

HIT (from reader Susan Rogers): On the approval of the Nevada County Board of Supervisors to make a large surplus pickup truck available to Nevada County media for use as a mobile production truck for community events. That’s great news, and once it’s outfitted with gear, local parades, farmers’ markets, and other community events will be “on the air” again, streamed live online or on TV. by local cable.

HIT (from reader Dennis Westcot): To Nevada County and the Fire Safe Council for an exceptional green waste disposal operation.

MISS (from reader Phil Reinheimer): To the excited male golf spectators who shout “In the hole!” every time a pro hits the ball.

HIT (from reader Marianne Lyons): To the Critical Race Theory I attended this weekend. All of the speakers provided interesting insights and information on a daunting problem at the doorstep of our community. Everyone must raise their heads and get involved to rid us of this insidious evil, whether white, black, brown or blue.

MISS (from reader John Washburn): For, of all the HITS you can choose from, publishing this proclamation by a member of your community’s editorial board, I find troubling. A dizzying tribute to a notion that is so contrary to the words of our Constitution, it would turn Thomas Jefferson into his grave. A five-minute visit to Don Jans’ website, recommended by Ms. Hood, reveals extremist views that make my head shake. Is Barack Obama a communist, like all democrats? From there, Mr. Jans opines and demonizes anything the left advocates as being in tune with autocratic and communist ideology. All his vitriol is done under the guise of good Christian values. This kind of divisive rhetoric is not what America needs right now.

HIT (from reader Diane Mercer): To a new California reservoir that gets a federally approved loan, but a huge MISS for the feds and project officials taking up to two years to negotiate terms and get signed the documents ! Why? Someone should divide those two years into hours or minutes and assign the dollar amount it will cost farmers, local governments, etc., for each tick of the clock, because the federal government and the responsible for the site project “negotiate the conditions and sign the documents”. The loan practically has a rubber stamp. Government processes at their worst.

HIT (from reader Nancy Brost): To National Doctors Day on March 30. Thank you to all of our local doctors and caregivers for the amazing job they do. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful health care providers in our community.

MISS (from Brost): Under the Union in the edition of Friday March 18: Crazy prices: the war in Ukraine alone did not cause inflation and record gas prices. There is no mention that both have risen steadily over the past year, and primarily due to the Biden administration’s inept economic and energy policies, not the war that began three weeks ago.

HIT (from editorial board member Jo Ann Rebane): To the owners of Old Barn Self Storage, the De Sena family, who for many years have shared colorful displays celebrating the upcoming holidays on the hill along the highway 20/49 at Grass Valley. Thanks for making us smile as we ride.

MISS (from Rebane): To Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration making California more dependent on foreign oil. In 2018, California imported 5 million barrels of Russian crude oil and in 2021 it was 15 million barrels, according to U.S. fuel and petrochemical makers. Newsom uses slow permitting processes and binding policy changes in executive orders to slow down fully approved and licensed new oil wells. No wonder gas prices in California are the highest in the country.

HIT (from editorial board member Thea Hood): To the freedom-loving citizens of Protecting American Ideals who gave a most informative presentation on Saturday, alerting parents and the community to critical race theory, divisive ideology and racist who judges people by group identity and skin color, not the content of their individual character. They pointed out that critical race theory destroys our fundamental principles, the most important being that “all men are created equal”.

MISS (from Hood): At the cost of a replacement EV battery when it has reached the end of its highway life and is out of warranty: $2,500 for a BMW13 battery at $23,442 for a VW e-Golf battery. Additionally, there are no electric vehicle battery recycling plants in California, and only five nationwide. Imagine the toxic chemicals that could end up in hazardous waste landfills as those massive batteries (Tesla version, 900 pounds) begin to pile up. Also consider the amount of rare earth minerals (mostly acquired overseas) required to produce a battery, and how is the electricity generated to charge these batteries on a daily basis?

MISS (from editor Don Rogers): To blame or credit trends that affect the whole world, such as inflation or gas prices, on a political party in a country. If it were to diagnose a serious case of partisanship, that would be a telltale symptom.


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