Connecticut and Hudson Valley Fall Foliage Forecast Map 2021


I don’t know if you’ve noticed it yet, but it’s almost fall and time for the leaves to do what they do best in Connecticut and the Hudson Valley.

Of course, you know what that means – spectacular fall foliage is on the way.

It must be the most wonderful time of year, fall in the Northeast. The fall foliage is legendary here, drawing people from all over the country to our area to witness the beauty of nature. The main time to catch all the spectacular colors is during peak weekends, so knowing when the best times are and when the foliage will be most picturesque is important.

Now, no one can be 100% accurate when it comes to the gradual change of sheets. The main thing to keep in mind is that both weather and temperature play a big role in how the leaves change, so unusually hot or humid weather could change the timeline a bit, as could cold weather or an early frost.

Either way, the leaves will change, at some point it will be breathtaking, and then the raking will start, so enjoy it.

Now, with this interactive guide, you’ll have a pretty good idea of ​​when to plan that drive through the Litchfield Hills or that leaf-watching trip to Fahnestock State Park in Carmel.

Thanks to the people of who have put together a great interactive fall foliage board that you can check out here and plan your fall foliage excursion.

The map uses a complex algorithm that analyzes several million data points, which then allows the program to predict county-by-county when the peak foliage will occur.

Just use the slider below the map and set it to one of the dates to see exactly where fall will peak for that date.

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