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Central Saanich Fire reminds the public that it doesn’t take much to start a grass or brush fire, especially with the dry weather over the next few days.

According to a study published in 2019 by the University of the Fraser Valley, drawing on Canada’s National Fire Intelligence Database (NFID) and other sources, cigarettes were the leading cause of fires in British Columbia and Alberta, the only two provinces to report cigarettes as an ignition factor. The source.

About 11% of outdoor fires were caused by smoking materials from 2012 to 2015, according to available NFID data, with both the total number of outdoor fires and those caused by smoking materials declining. British Columbia, however, remains the notable exception due to a spike in wildfires in 2015, it reads.

“Although there has been an overall decrease in the actual number of fires related to smoking materials, there is still work to be done to reduce smoking materials as a cause of fires across the country, as evidenced by their significant losses and their economic cost”, it reads.

The report notes that residential smoking product fires cause approximately 85 injuries and 16 deaths each year in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan (representing 70% of the Canadian population).

“Additionally, over $1.5 million in economic losses from outdoor smoky fires were reported to the NFID from 2012 to 2015, with British Columbia reporting the highest loss (over $1 million in 2012),” we read.

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