Accusations by mail: Americans for Good Government mailer makes claims in race for clerks


Americans for Good Government, a Grass Valley-based group, distributed mail attacking Natalie Adona, the deputy county clerk who is running for leader, calling her a “carpet-bagger,” alleging she used the public money to finance “an advertising campaign”. for his candidacy, and claimed widespread dissatisfaction among office staff.

The ad features an image of Adona and the words: “This election votes for anyone but Natalie Adona.” The back of the ad contains unsubstantiated claims.

Contacted on Friday, Adona called the announcement “hurtful”, saying she wanted the campaign to focus on the office and the issues.

“I don’t want to raise him. I really do not know. From my point of view, these are all lies,” Adona said of the blurbs. “I prefer to focus on my qualifications and what I will bring to the county.”

Jason Tedder, who along with Paul Gilbert and Adona is running for clerk-recorder, said he had nothing to do with the shipper.

“I was not involved in the production or distribution of the AFGG mailer,” Tedder said in an email. “My campaign is about bringing the community together, I don’t believe the AFGG mailer serves that function. I display my idea of ​​a proper campaign every day through my actions; by being positive, engaging and responsive at all points of seen.

State records show Americans for Good Government spent $8,382.25 at Placer Mailing Services. He received contributions from Nevada County Republican Party Chairman Bob Hren and local attorney Barry Pruett.

Local Republicans endorsed Tedder.

“My contribution in 2021 was to help bring the balance back to the increased bank minimum level to avoid monthly fees,” Hren, who donated $250, said in an email. “At this time, no specific action has been communicated to me by the AFGG.”

Hren said he was not a vetting officer of Americans for Good Government, adding that “the Republican Party is independent of this PAC and vice versa.”


Pruett, who this month donated $2,000 to the group, said he had helped to better inform Nevada County voters of the truth.

“For the electorate to make informed decisions, voters need to have all the information about the candidates,” Pruett said.

Pruett represented three people who earlier this year were charged with forcing their way into the elections office without wearing a mask. The county sought restraining orders against all three, although a judge chose to impose an order against only one of them.

Pruett said the content and tone of the public service message came from former election staff and current county staff. He pointed to Sandy Sjoberg, a former assistant clerk, saying she could verify some claims on the flyer.

The sender claims Adona created a hostile work environment and told staff she hates living in Nevada County.

Sjoberg’s last day with the county was October 11, 2019. Adona’s first day was October 14, 2019, county officials said.

No other election officials made statements about Adona.

The sender also makes other claims. One is that Adona is a “carpet bagger” looking for a position in an area where she has no connection.

Adona said she earned her bachelor’s degree in political science at UC Berkeley and began her career training for election administration in the Bay Area.

The ad also claims that Adona used public funds to fund an advertising campaign.

The ad, which cost $356.40, prominently featured Adona’s name at the top. Adona said she shared communications responsibilities with clerk-recorder Greg Diaz, who is not seeking re-election.

“When it was brought to our attention that these Q&As could be misinterpreted, we agreed that was a good point and therefore the remaining Q&As for the journal would come from Greg,” Adona previously said. .


Sjoberg, who previously served as deputy clerk, said she shared her experiences and concerns with someone, who then used those words to create the ad.

Some of Sjoberg’s claims are also on the website for Americans for good government.

Sjoberg said she worked under Diaz for four and a half years before upgrading her from her assistant position, rewriting the role description to require a college degree.

Sjoberg lives in Placer County, as she has for the entirety of her nearly 20 years with Nevada County, she said.

In May, John Young – identified in campaign documents as an independent consultant – donated $2,022 to Americans for Good Government. Susan Walsh, an independent researcher in Nevada City, donated the same amount.

Sjoberg said Pruett and Walsh sent her the ad when it was done and noted that even if she had endorsed Tedder in a press release in The Union last week, she wouldn’t have worded the ad in such a derisive way. .

Rebecca O’Neil is a staff writer for The Union. She can be reached at [email protected]

Editor Alan Riquelmy contributed to this report


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