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In advance of Urban Farm Day, my mother-in-law (Linda Schineller) and I decided to go to the Massachusetts Avenue Project (MAP) farm stand, which is open every Thursday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. A trip to this food stall and indoor micro-market (the headquarters of MAP – Farmhouse and Community Food Training Center) has become a weekly excursion for many people in the neighborhood, including Linda. So when Linda called me yesterday morning and asked me to go with her on her Thursday adventure, I said, “Sure.”

We got to the market at 3pm quickly, thinking that some products would sell out pretty quickly. We were surprised to see that so many other people were on the same page, already picking up their wares – including their weekly FarmFix food sharing, which can be picked up at WFP headquarters or at any of the MAP Mobile Market Express locations.

“The farm stand not only has a section of high quality fruits, vegetables and other produce… it’s run by young people who are learning the food business and having an entrepreneurial spirit,” Linda said, when I told her about it. asked what she liked. the most on the market. “Regionally sourced agricultural products provide essential food for a neighborhood that lacks healthy food options. Many neighbors walk to the farm stand because they may not have access to a car. It has become a reliable way for people to feed their families the foods that will keep them healthy. The more we can all support this concept, the more it works for the whole neighborhood – it’s bigger than us.

A walk in the market is a real delight. There are so many offerings including teas, raw honey, syrups, Ozark plums, peaches, nectarines, lettuce mixes, nappa cabbage, chard, onions, kale. , carrots, fennel, sauerkraut, kimchi, pesto, potatoes, mushrooms, seedless grapes, Yummo ice cream, Erba Verde Farms grass-fed chicken, Bloom & Rose knishes, butter apple, Genesee Valley beans, dried spearmint, peppers, sour Asian cucumbers, corn, watermelon, cut flowers, breads, candy… the list goes on.

Better yet, many agricultural products are cultivated with ingenuity in the neighborhood, at MAP. urban farmland (sitting on 13 vacant lots recovered). These urban agricultural lands are maintained by the community youth, who learn invaluable life skills.

During our visit, we learned that MAP is working with a new bread vendor – Elevated Grains, who sources their grains from regional farmers, ground in Ithaca. The breads will be available for the first time at the next Thursday market, so you won’t want to miss them.

If you haven’t stopped by the MAP Farm booth, maybe consider doing so for Urban Farm Day, or any Thursday. Believe it from Linda – this is a real treat, and we are lucky to have this resource with us.

MAP farm stand and micro-market

Thursday 3 pm-6pm

MAP Farm | 387 Massachusetts Avenue

Be connected: www.mass-ave.org

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