A guest allegedly pulled a knife on the owner


East Sonora, Calif. – A 911 call revealed an altercation at an East Sonora home, then the victim was headed to the hospital after being cut with a knife.

The call arrived at the Tuolumne County dispatch around 4 a.m. last Friday, and further investigation revealed that a man and woman had an argument, then there was a physical fight at the residence. in the 16000 block of Via Este Road. Deputies met with the victim, who told them she had allowed her friend, Bruce Badger, 36, of Grass Valley, to stay in her home. However, when the victim told Badger to get his things back, the two got into a fight, but then broke up.

Shortly after, the woman again told Badger to leave. Since he didn’t want to, she started yelling at him to get out. The victim said Badger then pulled a fixed-blade knife from his pocket and held it to his throat, causing a cut to his chin. Fearing for her life, she told deputies she grabbed the knife with her hands while pulling the knife away and stepping back, receiving cuts to her hands. Then Bader ran away from home.

Later that afternoon, around 1 p.m., the victim called detectives to report that Badger had returned to the residence. Deputies were able to go to the residence and arrest Badger for assault with a deadly weapon. A tap on him revealed a K-bar or combat knife. Badger was placed on $40,000 bond.


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