The Windy Mesa House Band makes a first offer

The Windy Mesa House Band performed in Reno earlier this month at the OffBeat Music Festival.
Photos by Elizabeth Callendar

Reno’s favorite garage soul singer, Spencer Kilpatrick, is alive and well in Big Water, Utah. We have audio evidence that also explains how a first single can also be a Swan song.

Spencer performs in a trio called The Windy Mesa House Band with bassist Dani Taylor and drummer Alex Hebert. On Friday, the band released their soulful version of Billy Swan’s hit 1974 single, “I Can Help”. It was mixed and mastered by Rick Spagnola at Dogwater Studios in Reno.

The band recently performed at the OffBeat Music Festival in Reno. He will perform three shows in California: Wild Eye Pub in Grass Valley on December 9; Amado’s in San Francisco on December 10; and Ivy Room in Berkeley on December 12.

A native of Grass Valley, an UNR graduate and longtime contributor to Tahoe Onstage, Kilpatrick is perhaps best known for his time with the Failure Machine group. Or for his sardonicism.

Here’s a review of the Windy Mesa House Band single by Pittsburgh Current’s Justin Vellucci:

“The Windy Mesa House Band is on a mission from God.

“The stripped-back rhythm and blues trio, who hail not from the streets of Detroit but from Big Water, Utah, have had enough of all the boisterous insincerity and want to put some strut and a whole soul back into the scene. rock music today .. The band’s debut single, “I Can Help”, perfect for alcohol, is released online November 19.

“Spencer Kilpatrick is the uncontrollable leader of this group of like-minded misfits; he also happens to be the guitarist, singer and de facto leader of the trio. Raised in Nevada on a constant diet of Otis Redding, Kilpatrick has had a number of successes on his own – both with the Reno-based MELK ensemble and under his own name – but brings something unique to the table. at the Windy Mesa House Band. . He has a voice that would make the Devil himself blush, a weathered vocal timbre reminiscent, in a way, of both Bill Withers and Joe Cocker. And, man, does he swing that thing?

“Kilpatrick is ably supported by newcomer Dani Taylor’s loyal rhythm section (his skills honed to a powerful dagger-like point during COVID-19 quarantine) and skins-man Alex Hebert. Yes, the reference in the group’s name is to a closed club in Arizona. No, they have never been there.

“The Windy Mesa House Band is actually wonderful and new. The group recently debuted at the OffBeat Music Festival in Reno and, like all of us, can’t wait for the pandemic to end so they can start making a fuss. A regional tour is in preparation for December, followed by recording sessions early next year.

“Kilpatrick and his company want you to pause the mess of your life for a while and listen, really listen, to some great rhythm and blues. It will be good for you. At a time when everything seems screwed up, it’s a balm, a balm. Leave your ailments to the Windy Mesa House Band. Soon you will also be casting Hallelujahs.

The Windy Mesa House Band: Alex Hebert, left, Spencer Kilpatrick and Dani Taylor.

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