Texas House plans to use federal COVID relief funds for stimulus checks for homeowners


Texas Republicans want to use billions of dollars in federal pandemic aid to send checks to homeowners hoping to get votes next November.

According to Texas Tribune, House members are calling it property tax relief and are hoping to hand checks to homeowners who claim homestead exemption.

The checks the House hopes to provide are expected to be $ 525.

Texas received $ 3 billion under the American Rescue Plan Act to alleviate the pandemic.

But most Texans don’t own the property they live on.

“Here’s the problem: One-third of Texans don’t own their property,” State Representative Gene Wu, D-Houston said during the House debate. “So none of that $ 3 billion would go to the third of Texans who rent. Not a penny.

Republicans believe tenants have already been taken over by federal stimulus money for rent relief.

The checks would not arrive until next September, just a few months before the midterm elections.

Thus, an owner who owns a property of $ 300,000 would benefit from a temporary tax break of $ 200 under the Senate proposal.

But that relief won’t come until next year at the earliest, so there’s no need to check your mailbox more than usual.

But when it does, it will be a much needed boost for owners like me.

So get ready to receive more stimulus money in 2024.

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