Slime Rancher 2: How To Find All Map Data Locations | Complete guide to Rainbow Fields, Ember Valley and Starlight Strand maps


Map the Rainbow Islands with those hard to find places.


You cannot explore without the correct map in slime farmer 2. There are three large islands in the game, and each is covered in fog when you open the game map. The fog will only dissipate after you find hidden Map data. These shards are located somewhere in the clouds and become incredibly difficult to locate on your own – you’ll need a jetpack just to reach some of these tricky collectibles. To reduce your aimless wandering, we’ve got all the locations listed below with maps and screenshots to help you out. There are eight Map data terminals to find, but it can take you hours to reach them.

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All map data locations

before hunting Map data on valley of embers and Starlight Strandyou should acquire the Jetpack. Unlock power upgrade so you have 150 Energy is also very useful for exploring islands.

Rainbow Fields | Map locations

  • Map data #1: Travel west (left on the map) until you reach a field with lots of Pink Gordo and Cotton Gordo. On the left you will see an arch leading south – follow the path to the ledge with a map terminal. Use it to reveal the east side of Rainbow Island. Check the map location below for details.
  • Map data #2: From the first terminal, go up the hill on the right and look for a cave entrance on your left. Enter the cave and exit to the area with the corral. Go right and up the grassy ramp – it leads to an elevated trail with the second map data.

Ember Valley | Map locations

  • Map data #1: From the start, travel west through the canyon. Reach the second large open area with Pink Tabby Gordos and water geysers. There is a ledge that you can only reach with the jetpack or the water geyser. Climb the water geyser to the ledge.
  • Map data #2: From the valley of geysers with data #1, travel north on the high ledge with the jetpack. Enter the teal area and enter the cave leading to a waterfall cavern to the northwest. Climb the geyser inside the cave to find the data.
  • Map Data #3: Of data #1, take the lava path. Enter the area with the danger marker and use the jetpack to avoid the lava. You will reach a large area in front of the entrance to the volcano itself. On the left side, there is a high pillar with this map fragment. Jetpack to complete your map for Ember Valley.

Strand Starlight | Map locations

  • Map data #1: The first card is behind the gate where you start. Turn around and use the jetpack to scale the walls of the ruins. You will find the map data on a high ledge accessible only with the jetpack.
  • Map data #2: The next fragment is in the center of the island, on the purple region. Reach the large purple area with flowing water in the middle and a waterfall. Data is on the top ledge – see screenshots for help.
  • Map Data #3: Found in the far south. You must climb the mountains and cross the stone bridge to reach a huge open area along the southern edge of the map. Use the square tree and the jetpack to the curved wall of the ruins – under the huge arch of the ruins.

And these are all Map Fragment locations in the game so far.


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