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The disadvantage of a flash loan can be the cost of the mini loan. In Germany, but also in Austria, so-called mini-loans are increasingly being concluded via the Internet. These are usually characterized by the fact that they offer very fast and flexible loans that can be calculated and recorded over the Internet. In mini credit comparison, we test the best providers through their paces! The mini loan is, as the name implies, a short-term loan that is granted with small loan amounts.


Best suppliers in the industry comparison

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Investigations from 2012 have already shown that there is a need for credit due to financial shortages. When they get their next salary, they pay back the loan amount. Following the online application, you will receive an instant confirmation or rejection within a few moments. Thus, you will also be informed very quickly about the decision. Further services of the providers make it possible that the credit is already after a few hours on the player’s account.

If you meet these three conditions, there is usually nothing to prevent you from applying. However, please understand that the requirements vary from provider to provider. For example, if you want to benefit from an immediate payment, additional bonus points are added that are needed in the application process. Pensioners and civil servants can also apply.


You do not necessarily have to be fully engaged to apply for a loan

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In addition, the unemployed do not get a microcredit, since their creditworthiness is usually very bad and therefore there is a higher repayment risk. In principle, you should never use a loan unless you have paid it off with 100% certainty. One reason is that the interest rates on small loan amounts are very low.

However, the providers earned their fee anyway with the additional services that make the credit more expensive. Cheapest provider is currently the company Tasper with an annual interest rate of 7.95%. This makes cash flow much cheaper than traditional overdrafts. With providers such. As Tasper, direct debit, Wexcash or SCredit you can choose beyond the usual application, other services. shorten the processing and payment time.

This means that the additional benefits are usually much higher than an overdraft. Level: In the online form you enter the amount and duration of the loan as well as the additional benefits and your contact information. Level: The application is now checked by the provider. In a few moments, you will receive feedback on your decision.

Therefore, please carefully consider whether a loan really makes sense and helps you in the current situation. The best-known and most widely used loans are overdrafts and mortgage loans. This has the great advantage that there is always an existing planning function available. In a pawnshop, the pawn loan is probably the fastest growing loan.

You can hand over objects as a pledge in the pawn shop and thus receive an amount that is calculated by the pledgor on the basis of the valuable object. The benefits of this type of loan is the speedy provision of money unless you have an item that you can redeem. The disadvantage is clearly the cost, which make the pawn shop one of the most expensive forms of credit.


Longer term due to liquidity shortages or larger investment projects

Longer term due to liquidity shortages or larger investment projects

There are different types of mini, short-term and part-time loans for the self-employed and freelancers. For more information, please refer to our guide “Self-employed loans”. So far, the traditional installment credit providers, with the exceptions of the company Smartdava with the offer of Creditwise Go, have failed to provide a loan with immediate binding and immediate payment.

According to a Smartdava Forsa survey in which 1’000 borrowers were questioned, 48% of participants need too much time to pay out and process normal loans. 72% showed a great interest in immediate bonds. A study carried out by Statistics on behalf of the Post in 2012 shows how the credit is used.

5% of the participants said they were applying for the loan because of a funding shortage. Ultimately, the receipt of credit on your account depends only on when the provider makes the transfer. Now there is also an express payment with all providers, with which you can claim the balance within 24 hours.


Loans in the Federal Republic

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These are often only granted if a Schufa investigation has taken place and there is no negative entry in the Schufa. Therefore, many borrowers are looking for a loan without submitting the Schufa template because the acceptance rate is higher. Therefore, providers often judge a borrower’s creditworthiness differently from traditional installment loans.

In addition to Tasper, you may also receive credits without credit from us under certain conditions. Even if we only report here about providers that are active in the domestic real estate market, today we want to show you a chance at a small loan amount in Germany. Credit periods of 15, 30 or 60 days are possible.


Due to the low administrative burden

Due to the low administrative burden

The application is completed in 5 minutes and can be completely filled in on the internet. Apprentices and students can also use the program of Tasper. Tasper evaluates your financial situation from a special point of view, which is why a loan with KSV entry is possible. According to the provider, the payment period at Tasper in Austria is about 3-4 working days, unless you book an additional option for a quick transfer.

As in other countries, there are not many others in Austria. It is also impossible to predict when other suppliers will go on sale. This allows providers to bill huge costs that are well over 100%. This can not happen in the Federal Republic, since credits are subject to the supervision of the BaFon.

Usury in credit, as with payday loans, which led to a bad reputation, is not possible with a short-term loan. These are two different types of loans. In the meantime, however, microcredit is used for small loans.

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