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There is almost no Croat who has not woken up all in a sweat at least once because of the debts that are pressing him. The number of blocked citizens is increasing every day, exceeding 300 thousand people, which is equal to the number of unemployed people at the Employment Service.

To make matters worse, it is estimated that a city the size of Good Finance has emigrated from Croatia. It’s not easy to deal with everyday expenses, especially if your salary is below the national average of five and a half thousand. It is devastating that the cost of living is climbing every year and wages continue to stagnate. This is especially evident in less developed and war affected areas.

Credit card debt


Debts are no longer related to a single loan in most cases housing, but citizens are burdened with current account overdrafts, credit card debts, loans and loans. Not only do they often owe money to financial institutions but also to family members. It is credit card debt and current account minuses that cause the most problems because people are not even aware that their money is slipping because it does not physically disappear from their wallet.

By analyzing finances to better control costs

By analyzing finances to better control costs

It is best, therefore, before seeking a loan to close all debts, make a plan to reduce costs and increase revenues. Financial analysis can help you look at the situation from a different angle and save where you thought it might not even be possible. There is a need to get rid of the various memberships in libraries, gyms and clubs that you do not use. Once a line is drawn, a lot of money is allocated for it on a monthly basis. It is not easy to balance different financial obligations while still paying various fees.

Only when you know the true state of your finances can you find loans to close all your debts. With this in mind, you can ask for more different offers from banks and credit houses and see which terms are best for you. Pay off all your debts under one and refinance your existing loans to close all debts.

This is a so-called loan refinancing which means that the client consolidates several different loans into one. This reduces the number and amount of fees he pays for each of these loans, which means he saves several hundred kunas a month on his own. Credit card debt, smaller non-purpose loans, borrowings and current account defaults can be reduced to a single loan, which provides better control over finances.

But what banks require when refinancing a loan is spending money solely on closing existing debts. In this case, loans for closing all debts are earmarked and only a small amount can be used and realized in cash. For the most part, it is 25 to 35 percent of the amount of the loan to close all debts.

How loans are used to close all debts

How loans are used to close all debts

There are loans in the market to close all the debt that banks offer to clients, provided they use the loan at the same bank, but there are also those that serve to settle debts at other banks. Credit houses are not determined by this and usually do not condition where the money will be spent, since they have non-purpose loans on offer. Credit lenders are more flexible than banks in this regard because they look after the financial orderliness of clients, while banks cut everything from the type of employment to receipts and debts.

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