How to check if you have an active loan?

Have you ever wondered how to check if you have an active loan? Usually, this happens in two cases: when you have so many obligations that you can’t remember them all, or when someone has stolen your documents (or lost them) and you are afraid that you were on the list of borrowers. However, we guarantee that even if you have not lost your documents and diligently applied for repayments, it is worth checking your credit history from time to time.
You hear very often about fraud and loans. All you have to do is write down your PESEL number and use your data to take out a loan for you.


We do not protect our data

data loan

The growing number of crimes does not translate into an increase in our awareness. There are still situations when we hide a card with a PIN for the card in the wallet or keep photos of documents on the phone. Do you know how to properly protect your data so that it does not fall into the wrong hands?

  • First of all, be careful not to lose your documents – check several times when leaving a place to see if you have them with you,
  • Accidents happen to people … but if it happens that you lose your documents, remember to report their loss to the municipal office, reserve the documents in the bank and report it to the police,
  • Keep access to your bank account in a safe place,
  • do not take pictures of documents, do not give others your hand,
  • do not provide proof data on helplines, do not send proof scans,
  • do not throw away an invalid document if the data is visible on it.

There are really many security methods – the more you know them, the safer you can feel.


Online loans – is it their fault?

Online loans - is it their fault?

Quick payday loans were created for the convenience of customers and not to attract misfortune. The application in 15 minutes without presenting documents and unnecessary formalities was supposed to mean greater convenience … Of course, we all know the saying “an opportunity makes a thief”, therefore it could be expected that the easier the verification process, the easier it would be to fool someone … However, as we wrote above, if you take care of your safety, you can sleep peacefully. If you have a slight shadow of concern, the site looks suspicious, or you just don’t want to enter your details – don’t do it. Online loans are convenient, but you must use common sense and a cool mind when applying.


How to check if you have an active loan?

How to check if you have an active loan?

Fast online loans are a very convenient process for consumers, but also … for a thief. Companies do not require additional verification, except for providing their PESEL number and proof. Payments are also made very quickly – usually within 15 minutes the money is transferred to your account … If you are afraid that someone could take out a loan for you, it is worth checking immediately. Usually, you only learn about this when you get a payment order from the court. To prevent this, check your credit history in advance. How to do it? The method is one and proven: BiK.

To check the history once, you only need to buy a trial package for $ 1.23. It gives access to a 60-day report on existing commitments. In addition, you can receive SMS notifications regarding what is happening in your account for 2 months.

The full package gives you more options. It is more expensive (it costs 79 USD). Thanks to it 3 times a year you will receive a report on your credit situation, and to monitor your finances year-round thanks to SMS notifications, all you have to do is buy an additional package for $ 4.99.
If these costs seem to you high, it is worth thinking about that scammers may take on you a few or several thousand zlotys.


What to do if it turns out that someone took out a loan for you?

What to do if it turns out that someone took out a loan for you?

Now you know how to check if you have an active loan … But what to do if you find out that someone took a loan for you? Unfortunately, the only way is to notify the police and prosecutor’s office about the crime. First of all, think about who could have access to your data? Did you leave any documents somewhere? You lost? Did you send your data to someone? When did this happen?

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