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The first garden hose ban in the UK will begin tomorrow as Southern Water imposes limits on customers in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The August 5 ban is the first in the country and will limit a selection of actions, all based on the use of excess water. Officials pointed to ever-lower reservoirs due to prolonged dry weather that has plagued the country for weeks in their reasoning, meaning further bans could follow.

Where are the watering bans?

Sprinkler bans are currently in place for Southern Water and South East Water customers.

They mainly reside on the South Coast, Kent and Sussex, with those in the latter not expecting restrictions for another week.

As Southern Water enacts its ban on Friday, South East Water customers won’t have to follow the restrictions until August 12.

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South West Water and Welsh Water have warned they may have to follow their South East and South counterparts.

South West Water asked people to help save water by taking shorter showers, reusing dishwater on plans and refraining from washing cars.

The company warned that if demand continues to grow, it may have to “make the difficult decision to introduce formal restrictions over the coming weeks”.

If South West Water were to introduce a garden hose ban, customers living in the following counties would have to obey:

  • Devon
  • Cornwall
  • Dorset
  • Somerset

Welsh Water has had fewer supply problems than its English counterparts, with supply lines holding up well in the country.

But some areas, particularly Pembrokeshire, have struggled with less rainfall.

Officials asked customers to help conserve water where possible and “use what you need, but please don’t waste it.”

Welsh water covers most of Wales, divided into catchments around the country’s rivers, including the Dee, Clwyd, Usk and Wye.

Everything west of these catchments is also under their control, as are parts of the following English counties:

  • Wirral
  • cheshire
  • Gloucestershire
  • Herefordshire

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