Credit for lifetime officials – with immediate approval – Selection from 20 banks

What do you expect from the loan for lifetime officials? An official loan or a civil service loan?

Do you consider a simple application procedure, favorable interest rates and fast loan payment to be crucial? Are you looking for a loan in difficult cases?

Credit for lifetime officials – courted borrowers

Credit for lifetime officials - courted borrowers

The status of the lifetime employee creates lifelong security for the income. It is the perfect condition to always be solvent. Father State pays its officials on time. The income does not have to shy away from the comparison to the private economy.

Credit for lifetime officials – with immediate approval – Selection from 20 banks Both of these create the conditions for banks to grant loans to life-time officials. Officials are considered the safest repayers of all professions.

Previously, every bank had a credit to the B-rate in the drawer. The B-tariff met the special conditions with favorable interest rates. The flat-rate discount used to be the best way to recognize very good credit ratings. Today the score is rated. The score includes both the personal data and the good reputation of the civil servants. Credit for lifetime officials over the score opens the door to interest savings.

Benefits from the personal evaluation of the credit rating are especially enjoyed by the officials, who are considered very solvent. Credit for the B-tariff was a blanket offer. Particularly good credit ratings and weaker credit ratings did not affect the flat rate B tariff. Exactly for this reason, the B-tariff is no longer up-to-date today.

Credit tip – modern credit decision

Borrowers still find the advertising-effective term “B-Tarif” at some banks today. It is still mostly the lowest-interest loan offer of the provider. However, only overlooking this one bank. Especially higher grades should not be content with that!

Compared to other loans – without official bonus – really good credit often saves even more money. Senior officials receive mostly cheap credit through interest-based interest rates.

Your excellent credit rating pays off only for you. Not like the B-tariff for everyone else.

Civil Service Credit – Life Insurance and Credit Combine

Civil Service Credit - Life Insurance and Credit Combine

Incidentally, young officials often hear the advice of older colleagues to apply for a civil servant loan. Then pay monthly only interest and contributions. Repay by the sum insured. On top of that, there is a profit distribution for the loan settlement.

In the past, civil servant credit was the optimal long-term loan. Unfortunately, this time is over. No other industry suffers so much from the low interest rates. Credit for lifetime officials as a civil service loan has lost many benefits.

Long-term loans are also offered by banks today. The profit distribution no longer justifies the increased interest expenses. Today’s profit sharing is anything but “lush”. The bottom line is that civil service loans are often too expensive.

Interestingly, the loan can still be for older borrowers. You have already saved a long time. Lending life insurance is cheaper than breaking up the contract. As a tip for young colleagues who are looking for a loan for lifetime officials: Official loans are hardly worthwhile.

With regard to the home Kfw loan or a loan without land register for existing real estate would be cheaper.

Credit tip – become active yourself

Credit advertising promises everything people like to hear. Unfortunately, the bottom line is that only a small amount of substance is left after the adver- tising.Applicants who look closely and compare are well advised. Using a free credit comparison saves time and money.

Current interest rates, loans for special interest rates are comparable at a glance. Instead of hoping for good advice, it is advisable to become active yourself.

Credit unrelated loan interest – also interesting for civil servants?

Credit unrelated loan interest - also interesting for civil servants?

Officials have a general reputation as a safe borrower. Therefore, most officials do not have to worry about the loan approval. Nevertheless, there are differences. The best interest is often paid only by the higher grades for their loan. Instead, smaller salary scales save time and money, thanks to the unit rate for all. With credit-independent interest, only creditworthiness that is sufficiently good counts.

Safe and sufficient to grant all officials deserve. However, young civil servants and middle-ranking officials lack the “additional boost” due to the high salary. An interest poker is then rarely worth it. Nevertheless, you can save interest. The view may focus on particularly favorable credit-independent interest rates. At the same time, smaller “inadequacies” of the creditworthiness can be intercepted. The uniform interest is usually granted even if there are already debts.

Nevertheless, the good reputation of the civil service is no match for the loan. There are limits to the loan for lifetime officials. A good example would be the retirement age for loans for pensioners.

Credit tip – overcoming age limits

Pensioners will quickly find if they are looking for special loans without age limits. However, the bank’s commitment can be expensive. Although, the insurance is “voluntary”, a residual debt insurance is imposed. In old age, every RSV is expensive.

The risk is real. The insurance can gild it. We advise not to be harassed. Credit for lifetime officials, but without RSV, the loan offers from private.

In the credit comparison, it would be the offers “Private Credit” and “Creditend”.

Credit in difficult circumstances – fairer credit from private

Credit in difficult circumstances - fairer credit from private

Everyone can come to terms with a difficult financial situation. Be it through age or other circumstances. Banks may only grant credit if it is considered safe. Under difficult circumstances, it may even be that a loan for lifetime officials is rejected by banks.

Incidentally, it is easier for credit without the bank. Serious offers find interested parties at Viloan or Creditend. Because, private lenders does not oblige the law to the credit check. Wom a private person lends his money, he decides himself. Of course, it is not entirely without rules.

Switching portals provide the secure infrastructure. Important are the certificates. They show the professional point of view. Within the protected environment, this creates trust. Officials, even in the case of private lenders, have the reputation of being safe payers. Credit in difficult situations supports this reputation. In addition, the credit for lifetime officials, investors often decide to gut feeling. The good feeling of investing safely decides at the same time about the interest rate.

Officials often grant cheap loans to private lenders. Because, the secure job and good reputation creates trust.

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