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With a prepaid credit card, you can take advantage of credit card payments even if you have a negative Schufa or low credit rating. Some banks promise just that with their prepaid credit cards. Below is an overview of the major types of credit cards. Prepaid cards, whether standard, gift or travel, offer a more convenient and secure payment method than cash. The Prepaid Credit Card: What is it and how does it work?

Prepaid credit cards

Prepaid credit cards

Prepaid Credit Card: The current offers 2017 at a glance. The prepaid credit card is a complete card that allows the customer to shop on the Internet or pay in the market. With prepaid cards, anyone can enjoy the benefits of a credit card on a credit basis without having the credit rating or audit of the company. What is the prepaid credit card for? The functionality of prepaid credit cards is similar to that of prepaid cards for mobile phones.

Before the cashless use of the credit card, the owner must redeem them first with credit. The cardholder can then usually pay by credit card or redeem them at cash dispensers. For prepaid cards, the usability is limited to the purchase limit set by the card revaluator. A loan is not possible.

For the user of a prepaid credit card, this results in many benefits. Prepaid credit card users always have in mind their financial resources. You can only use the money that you have previously deposited. Overdrawing the credit card is not possible, which is why the cardholder never takes the risk of owe.

TIP: Usually it is not possible to over-charge rechargeable cards. However, to completely eliminate the debt risk, it is advisable to check the loan agreement for flexibility clauses before concluding the contract. Most providers do not check the creditworthiness of the candidate, ie they do not ask for the Schufa points.

Anyone – including consumers with a negative Schufa entry – can request a prepaid credit card and take advantage of a credit card. The prepaid credit card is an extremely reliable payment method. These have the advantage over other cards that, in the worst case scenario, criminals receive maximum access to the loan available at that time.

An overdraft of the credit card is not possible, so that after misuse of the card there is no risk of being in the red area. To prevent damage, the credit card holder should immediately block them from being lost or stolen and suspend the card for the future. Whether shopping for goods and services on the Internet or in the field, to be always on the safest side in foreign business or to withdraw money at the nearest ATM – the credit card is practical and promises a quick, secure and comfortable use.

Especially on the Internet, only payments by credit card are often possible. The prepaid credit card is a recommended option for people who have a bad credit history and therefore do not have access to classic credit and debit cards. With such a credit card no request of the company is required and in daily use, the credit card is not another.

Most domestic cards are issued by Visa and Maestro credit card companies. Through the widespread use of fewer companies, there are cash dispensers and prepaid credit card providers around the world. When shopping on the net, you should be aware of any additional costs that may be incurred when paying with a prepaid credit card. Starting with the discount campaign through systems for collecting points in cooperation with partner companies, through individual card design to the possibility of contactless payment: the credit card without own credit card often offers a pleasant additional benefit for its customers. For the customers this means that they can be paid by credit card.

The fact that a prepaid credit card can only be used to the extent of the charged account balance may prove unfavorable if the holder requires additional funds immediately. First and foremost, it should be noted that the amount transferred will be booked on the credit card only after a few days. This creates a short wait before it can be paid and withdrawn by credit card.

Because it is also not possible to borrow money, users of the credit card can only pay to the extent of their credit. In addition, some prepaid credit cards have a charging limit that limits the amount of credit card charging in advance. TIP: Always charge your credit card early. If you frequently use your credit card, it is advisable to regularly top up your credit card with a fixed amount.

In principle, prepaid credit cards are a globally accepted payment instrument. The problem is that, unlike other types of credit cards, rechargeable plastic cards have only a limited warranty from the card company. A credit limit that burdens the provider, for example, in the case of unforeseeable damage, does not exist. That’s why rechargeable check cards usually reach their limits at car rental companies. The payment partner, especially outside the euro zone, could not accept the credit card for hotel reservations.

TIP: To avoid misunderstandings, it is best to inform the recipient in good time whether he accepts prepaid credit cards or not. Credit cards are more expensive than other cards. Prepaid cards include an annual fee, which is usually charged by the card issuer. The cheaper alternative is the free maps.

Debit interest rates are not relevant for prepaid credit cards as it is not possible to borrow money. For credit and other payment cards vary depending on the provider very different fees for exchange cards, cash withdrawals at home and abroad, foreign currency payments and other individual charges.

Who is a credit card with no credit check?

Who is a credit card with no credit check?

A prepaid credit card can in principle redeem everyone. The special feature of the credit card is that it also allows people who do not get a different credit card for different reasons to access a credit card. The credit-based credit card is particularly interesting for people who have not passed a credit check and therefore do not meet the bank’s requirements for issuing a credit card.

Because lending with the rechargeable cards is not possible, providers usually do not check if the applicant has good credit and good Schufa information. Even consumers with a low Schufa score with a prepaid credit card no longer need to rely on the credit card benefits. Prepaid credit card that is available without credit check and can be ordered via the internet:

The issuance of a credit card for the little ones and boys is inconceivable due to their limited credit rating. Excluded are credit-based payment cards, as a loan is not possible anyway. The card is available on a loan basis from the age of 7 years. The prepaid credit card is ideal to have an early start in the non-cash payment process for the little ones and boys.

With the pocket money transferred to your credit card, you can make small purchases or save money on your prepaid credit card. During school trips or other trips, prepaid credit cards also give parents the certainty of being financially supported in the event of an emergency. Prepaid credit card for toddlers and teens:

The prepaid credit card is suitable for young people who are planning a longer-term stay abroad. Rechargeable cards are especially useful for passengers who do not have a credit card or if the existing credit card is bad for use abroad. When withdrawing cash or making payments using your prepaid credit card in non-European countries, you should always specify the national currency.

When paying in local currency, however, the rate of the operator of your prepaid credit card is used. Before you leave, check the current conversion rate of your prepaid credit card provider. Where can I get a prepaid credit card? The prepaid credit card can be requested from various banks and third parties and can also be purchased at local petrol and kiosks.

Buying a credit card at the station is easier and faster than a prepaid credit card through a house bank or external service. The range of prepaid credit cards is large and the services and prices vary from provider to provider. In a first step, therefore, all bank cards are compared by banks and third-party providers in order to have the right prepaid credit card at the best rate.

As soon as the applicant finds the corresponding credit card, a registration form must be completed on the Internet or at the provider, signed and possibly provided with further necessary documents. The applicant must then perform an authentication check via video chat or post-ID procedure and submit the order to the provider at the end.

The prepaid credit card and the corresponding PIN will be sent to you after a short waiting period by letter. Just deposit money and the credit card is ready. Rechargeable cards are available at the gas station or kiosk at a one-time price. The cardholder can often reload the cards for the first time after purchase.

The prepaid credit card will then be activated via text message and is ready for immediate use. The temptation is to buy a credit card with bank deposits at a gas station or a kiosk. With such a credit card, users can easily make small purchases on the network and be unknown to some degree. It should also be noted that cash withdrawals are often not available and the number of credit cards is usually limited.

Before purchasing a gas station credit card, it is advisable to inquire about the conditions and services of the corresponding credit card in the network in detail because the staff of the gas station is instructed in this regard only in exceptional cases. Frequently Asked Questions about the Prepaid Credit Card What are the charges for a prepaid credit card? The basic price of a prepaid credit card: Annual Fee: Most rechargeable cards are only available with a fixed base fee per year.

This basic remuneration varies from provider to provider. Cash withdrawal: For cash withdrawals to cash dispensers in Germany and abroad, basic fees can be charged. Foreign Currency Fees: A credit card for recharging allows the owner to withdraw money. However, fees may be incurred abroad by direct payment or withdrawal of foreign currency at ATMs.

Partner card or replacement card fee: If the card holder requires a second card or a replacement card after card loss, this is often subject to additional costs. The deposit on a prepaid credit card is not always free. Only a few providers charge for this. Residual fee: Providers hardly charge a so-called residual charge. This is the case if the credit card has not been used for a long time.

What should I pay attention to before registering a prepaid card? For prepaid cards, the following aspects are particularly important: Does the provider require Schufa information? Is it a classic prepaid credit card with full cost control or does the contract contain a flexible current account clause? What is the maximum liability for loss or theft of the credit card mentioned in the insurance contract?

How can I recharge the memory card? What distinguishes the credit card from others? There are four different types of credit cards in the Federal Republic of Germany and each of them in the billing system: The credit cards: Batch card: For a batch card, the total amount of all purchases made with the batch card is charged once a month.

The credit card holders must pay the full amount of the bill. This includes all costs incurred with the credit card. Here, the credit card holder can pay the bills in installments, but then has to pay additional debit interest. Prepaid Card: The user must pay for a prepaid card before paying with it on the internet, on the internet or for cash withdrawals.

Users can not withdraw money with the tickets. Invite Prepaid Credit Cards: The owner can deposit money onto their rechargeable credit card in several ways: In the event of data theft or loss of the prepaid credit card: What to do? If the cardholder has a lost credit card, he should always remember when the credit card is gone and when the lock was applied.

The precondition is that the cardholder has requested the blocking of the credit card immediately and the offenders have not been granted access to the player’s account due to the negligence of the holder. In addition, the owner must immediately inform the responsible body about the damage. TIP: Never keep your PIN with your credit card.

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