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The year of water 2021 has started with reservoirs at 93% capacity. But California won’t have that cushion this year. The state’s reservoirs are at 60% of their historical average, state officials said.

The State Water Project provides about 30% of the Metropolitan Water District’s supplies, with the Colorado River providing about 25%. The district also has some local supplies, including water it has in stock.

Last month, the agency declared a “water supply alert” and called for voluntary conservation. They offer discounts for things like more efficient shower heads and appliances and lawn replacement.

Despite the severity of the drought, Governor Gavin Newsom has not declared a state-wide state of emergency. Instead, he declared emergencies in 50 of the state’s 58 counties, an approach according to his administration based on lessons learned from the most recent drought when the state imposed restrictions on the state. statewide.

“(The water agencies) explained to us that one size fits all for all of Sacramento’s mandates sometimes has unintended consequences,” Crowfoot said.

Yet California’s water supplies are in poor condition as the rainy season approaches. In July, Newsom asked everyone to voluntarily reduce their water consumption by 15%. But in the first three weeks following this request, Californians reduced their water use by just 1.8%, state officials said.

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