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Oh, what a tangled web they’ve woven! After months of denying reports, YouTube’s infinitely controversial ACE family – made up of married super-influencers Austin McBroom and Catherine McBroom (née Dolores Paiz), along with their three young children – have finally admitted to losing their mega-size. California mansion because of jaw-hungry foreclosure.

In late November, the McBrooms released an hour-long YouTube video explaining the circumstances that led them to acquire and ultimately default on the faulty property. According to the couple, it was a cabal of unscrupulous people – an unlicensed entrepreneur, a shady architect and even their own real estate agent – who “screwed up. [Austin and me]On “millions of dollars”.

The video went viral and has since racked up nearly 4.5 million views, although it has received decidedly mixed reactions. As longtime fans of the family rallied around them, various other YouTubers and creators have gone much harder, posting parodies and compiling evidence to challenge some of the McBroom’s overwhelming claims.

The empty house has now been put up for sale as a foreclosure sale, possibly because lenders would like to recoup some of their losses. While the current roster bravely avoids mentioning any of the mansion’s issues, there are plenty – and the McBrooms were only too happy to expose all of the construction flaws in their video. According to the family, there are multiple water leaks, uneven, poorly grouted floors, and a pool that doesn’t really hold water – and that’s just the start. The house does not have gas or hot water either; Catherine claimed that she was forced to “give my babies cold baths” for an extended period of time. How or when this troubling situation was corrected remains unclear.


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